Associazione i bambini di Bullenhuser Damm
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Walter Jungleib, 1934 © privat
Walter with his parents and sister Greta, 1939 © privat


Family Jungleib

For 70 years, Greta Hamburg, aged 85, lived in the belief that her brother Walter perished during a death march from Auschwitz. She survived the Shoa as a teenager and lives near Tel Aviv today. In 2015, Bella Reichenbaum of Haifa (see Reichenbaum family) was researching the children of Bullenhuser Damm who had remained unidentified. On a list for a prisoner transport from Auschwitz to Lippstadt she found, along with names of some of her own relatives, two women with the name of Jungleib. Through the Jad Vashem Memorial website she was able to get into contact with the Jungleib family. In July 2015, Greta Hamburg wrote: “I was and still am so distressed and stunned – I can hardly describe my feelings. [...] My father, my mother, Walter and I were deported to Auschwitz in October 1944. The men and children were separated from us. Walter had forgotten his cap and came back to fetch it, so that he was the last in the line. He turned and waved and smiled. And that was the last time that my mother and I saw Walter.”